On The Move

On December 16, 2019 I booked flights from Los Angeles to Cleveland for January 26, 2020 and returning to Los Angeles on February 2nd. I was going home to Cleveland to see my family. A couple of days after booking the flight, a company in Alabama contacted me to see if I could work the ISEE Conference again (explosives/mining) January 26th and 27th in Denver. Last year they had me go to Nashville and the year before San Antonio. I told them of my trip to Cleveland but that I'll change my flight if they don't mind paying a little extra and I'll book a flight to Denver as soon as I receive a deposit. I accepted a credit card over the phone right then and within minutes I had a new flight booked to Denver, leaving Los Angeles on January 25th. I always fly in a day early if I can because the airlines cannot be relied upon. I then booked another flight to go onward to Cleveland from Denver the morning of January 28th. Two days after I booked that flight, I wake up and check my email and I had received a payment via PayPal from someone. I looked to see who it was from and it was it was from another company who has also hired me twice before (in Scottsdale and Huntington Beach), who had contacted me months prior and finally decided to pay a deposit. I looked at my email to see what the event was and it was for a 400 person event at the Coronado Bay Resort. I sent them a confirmation email telling them I received the deposit and that my appearance is reserved for their event. Now, rather than fly to Cleveland on January 28th, I booked a flight to arrive in San Diego that morning at 10:30am. I would rather have flown into LAX but since I was flying in the same day, if there was a delay I wanted to create the most favorable circumstances for arriving on time. I then booked a flight leaving Los Angeles to go to Cleveland on January 29th. My trip to Cleveland was cut short, but I like being on the move and doing what I do best. Everything went smoothly and now I'm off to go to the Black Marlin in Tustin to perform there from 6pm-8pm certain Monday's. I perform there when my friend John George (another spectacular magician) is traveling and cannot make it. Tomorrow morning I'll be flying out of John Wayne Airport to go to San Francisco to perform for three days at the SPIE Photonics West Convention. I'm drawing a crowd for a company in Costa Mesa that has an exhibit there. Saturday night I'll be back at The Boathouse On The Bay in Long Beach from 6pm-9pm. Gotta run!

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