Performing in Boise, Idaho

I was performing at Woody's Wharf in Newport Beach when I met Scott, who has a company based in Boise, Idaho. They sell open and enclosed trailers for snow mobiles, razors, landscaping, and other such equipment. They were hosting a conference at the Grove Hotel for their sales people/distributors and they needed entertainment after the keynote speaker.

Scott told his event planner that he knws the perfect guy to entertain everyone at the end of the night. I was excited to go to Boise because I have read about it and heard it is a beautiful place. It was like stepping back in time 20 years. Things seemed to move a little slower and the city wasn't racing with cars and people.

My performance started at 9pm. After Scott announced that my show was going to start soon, I rounded everyone up, yelling "showtime!, here, sit here, this seat has your name on it!, ooh this one's for you!" and I gathered everyone together. I say this because many people who hire me don't know what to expect at that moment. It is simple. I take charge and get everyone together.

Once everyone was seated, Scott introduced me and I took them for an exciting ride. My show is loaded with audience interaction and spontaneity. Take a look at the brief video below to see some of the enchantment...

Thank you for reading...


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