Contact Jack Velour


1) Contact Jack Velour by filling out the form.

2) Jack will give you a flat rate for the performance, including ALL expenses (flight, hotel, and ground transportation).

3) To secure Jack's appearance at your event you pay a deposit of 50% and you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that his appearance has been reserved.

There is no paperwork for you to sign. It is as simple as letting Jack know when and where you want him to perform and paying a deposit to secure his appearance.

Invoices, formal contracts/agreements, W-9 form, and insurance certificates are provided upon request, but are not required by Jack Velour. A deposit is all that is required to ensure Jack's appearance.

Jack Velour respects your privacy. You may remain anonymous when booking. Once proper financial arrangements have been made, he only needs the time, date, and location of the performance. A description of the contact person is helpful. This is excellent for a surprise where you don't want to be known as the person who hired the magician. 

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