The excitement begins the moment you arrive at Woody's Wharf. As you walk along over 40 feet of red carpet, your mood will be lifted as you make a grand entrance. That elevated feeling continues as you make your way to the bar for glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail. Whether you have made a dinner reservation or are having cocktails, you will enjoy the golden hour with a spectacular view of the luxurious yachts and sea life in the Newport Harbor. 


When it is time to start the show the velvet ropes will be released and you will enter the outdoor showroom and have a seat. The cocktail servers await to serve you another drink and will take excellent care of you and your group throughout evening.


Then the real fun begins when Jack Velour takes the stage and commands the attention of the crowd. Without delay you will witness one hard-hitting mystery after another. The smooth and seamless involvement of the audience and the humorous interactions are woven into the magic with a style that will keep you on the edge of your seat! 


This is a magic show for the people who have "heard it all and seen it all" as well as those who come to the show with open arms. While the tuxedo softens the edges, Jack performs with a spontaneous flair and a gritty style that is sure to keep the toughest critics captivated. If you love action, this show is for you!

          So check out the options below and buy a couple of tickets for a date night;  a group of friends; or buyout the whole showroom for your company gathering or family reunion. Feel free to contact Jack Velour directly with any questions you may have. 

Contact Jack Velour directly: