Captivate your VIP's in-flight with Jack Velour's uncanny ability to mesmerize any audience on command. You and your guests will be enthralled by Jack's magic that is laced with stories, humor, and other worldly insights. Allow Jack to transform a mundane flight into a mile-high spectacle... that will reduce the perceived duration of the flight. 

The close-quarters interior of the private aircraft is the perfect atmosphere for a sunset toast while traversing over the Rocky Mountains or making your way across the Atlantic. From the cling of the toast, Jack begins the show, yet no beginning moment can be detected as it happens spontaneously and in tune with the energy of those aboard. The playful interaction that takes place between you, your guests, and Jack will keep everyone in an elevated mood throughout the flight.    

Whether you are traveling coast-to-coast for hours or traveling from Los Angeles or New York to Beijing, Jack is the perfect way to bring fun to your flight. Once you have arrived at your destination, you have the option of bringing Jack with you to entertain your clients for an after dinner table-side show. Jack will be your personal magician throughout your trip to perform on command helping you make new contacts and wooing your VIP's. Feel free to contact Jack directly with any questions you may have: