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IN THE PRESS: Performing for Mike Trout & the Angels Baseball team at Pelican Hill Resort. Scan ahead to 1:10 to see the players REACT !

Below, Jack Velour is performing at an exclusive yearly gathering of NBA referees and MLB umpires. The gathering took place in a private room at Morton's Steakhouse in Jack's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. They were keen observers and an excellent audience. If you would like Jack to perform at your dinner party, you can get a feel for that experience here...

Through a google search, the people of Barco Trucking discovered Jack on Yelp. They wanted a magician for their annual party held at the owner's "party house." Each room had a different theme. Winning the crowd and appealing to any audience is Jack's expertise. Your guests will be laughing and enchanted throughout the show! If you're looking for a sure fire way to entertain your guests, contact Jack here.

To see the theater, watch Jack's Periscope recording above...

Jack travelled to Chicago to perform for a company holiday party held at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano in the party room. When everyone was done eating, Jack put on a highly interactive show with lots of laughs and mysteries of the highest order. In the photo below, he is performing one of the classics of magic where chosen card is signed by a few of your guests with a Sharpie, and then Jack toss the cards to the ceiling and one card sticks... your card! If it sounds amazing and mysterious, wait until you see it in-person!

If you're thinking of having a party in a restaurant, contact Jack here. He responds to all inquiries personally. You should also know that he will provide an insurance certificate with all of the additionally insured, if required, for the venue where your event is taking place. Jack is insured by: Specialty Insurance Agency.

Here is a glimpse of what it is like to have Jack Velour at your cocktail event...

The Humane Society booked Jack to perform at an event where he met THE talent agent in Palm Springs, Cindy Romano. She claimed to have a portfolio of high net-worth and celebrity clients for whom she must provide only the best entertainment. Jack's first engagement for her was for record producer, Clive Davis' birthday. He's a man who's "seen and heard it all", but Cindy knew Jack would deliver


Notice the way the chairs are set up, close together with an aisle down the middle. This is how the chairs will be at your event. With a few steps Jack will be at the back row of the audience ensuring every one of your guests is a VIP. If you are having a party and you don't have chairs, no problem. Jack has chairs (as well as a red carpet; brass stanchions with red velvet ropes; lighting; and more). He'll bring them to enhance the experience for you and your guests. If your party is in a barn with a dirt floor, and you don't have hay bales for your guests, he'll bring the chairs!

Mirage Trailers CEO, Scott Metko saw Jack's show repeatedly in Newport Beach, so he knew Jack would be perfect to entertain his VIPs at his dealer conference. After the keynote speaker Jack went on and blew their minds.

(location: Grove Hotel)

An Alabama company was exhibiting at the 2018 Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique at the Grand Hyatt hotel. They hired Jack to lure in a crowd and keep attendees captivated. Jack will attract people to your exhibit, hold their attention, and make sure they know why they should be doing  business your company. The audience, having been blown away, will tell their friends to come see Jack at your booth! 

When the trade show was over, the attendees went down a couple of floors to the International Business Gala. Jack went from table to table entertaining people from all over the globe, encouraging interactions among the attendees. In the photo to the right, Jack is entertaining attendees from Milan, Barcelona, and Medellín... with onlookers from Mexico City. 

Jack's magic & entertainment has universal appeal that attracts people no matter where they are from. If your company is exhibiting at a trade show anywhere in the universe, contact Jack here.

(left) See a glimpse of the magic Jack did for Lydia Ko on the golf course. She is the youngest professional golfer to ever be ranked number 1, and (right) with Christina Kim.


STORY FROM JACK - "As I look back on all of this, I am reminded of the brief video that changed the course of my career. It was 2008 and NBA head coach, Mike Brown, of the Cleveland Cavaliers was hiring me to perform at his home and at black tie events.  He and his wife, Carolyn, praised me after my performance. Anyone can get booked once, I thought.  At one of the parties at their home I brought a camera. When Mr. Brown praised me this time, I said, "would you mind saying that on camera?" He said, "no problem, let's do it." 

As he's about to write me a check he looks up and says, "do I get some kinda discount for that?" Smiling, I said, "do you need one?" He smiled back and said, "no." My association with the coach opened a lot of doors and led to many more performances."


Jack Velour performing at his public show at Woody's Wharf.

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For the past couple of years Jack was invited by Stan Kahn to perform at The Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament fundraising dinner at the JW Mariott in Palm Desert. In attendance were many celebrities there to support the hospital. Below you can see Jack performing for Breaking Bad star, Raymond Cruz and Rules Of Engagement star, Patrick Warburton.

The Angels Await - Jack Velour at Pelican Hill Resort for the team gala.