The Date, April 13th

When this date approaches each year there are four people that come to mind. First is my Aunt Cindy, who was born on this day and is the aunt that I spent the most time with growing up. I'd go with her to cut down the Christmas tree as a kid until I got a bit older and we started to argue about which tree, how to load it into the car, whether it was stable like this or that, and just all around Christmas cheer. She has always been really cool but that doesn't mean she wouldn't give me a look with her head facing less than squarely at me if I was stooping in the conduct department. Then there's my Uncle Tim who gave me the book "The Richest Man in Babylon", twice. I think he forgot, but it was a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking to get some basic money advice. A bit hard to read at first until you get used to the thys and shalls and old timey way of speaking, but you find yourself getting used to it. So thanks for that, Uncle Tim.

That's the familial tie to the 13th day of April. The other two people that come to mind are Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Hitchens. One was a biographer of the other, and both men entered the scene on April 13th. I don't know what Mr. Jefferson would say if he were to come back from the dead and see the current condition of his creation, but I wouldn't want to be too close to him in case he lost his cool. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered the writings of Christopher Hitchens as they have broadened my perspective on a range of topics.

Here is a little bit of hocus pocus that I'll conclude with: If you flip April 13th, you get April 31st, the day this magician was born. Now open your calendar and mark it down. Send me a message when you've done that.

Thank you for reading and stay real,


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