🎭 I offer three kinds of performance: A show for your full group with everyone watching at once; close-up magic, entertaining small groups at a time throughout your event; or the VIRTUAL VELOUR interactive magic show right in your living room!

Take a look below and you'll see some of the people who have booked me. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact me.

                            -- Jack Velour

IN THE PRESS: Performing for Mike Trout & the Angels Baseball team at Pelican Hill Resort

Performing for record producer Clive Davis

Performing for Breaking Bad Star Raymond Cruz

Performing for Patrick Warburton and his son

Magic show and Red Carpet Event hosted at Woody's Wharf in Newport Beach.


Performing for NBA referees and MLB umpires at Morton's Steak House in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Cocktail Parties/Strolling Magic


This is ideal for corporate events, weddings, cocktail hour, house parties, and more. Your guests will be mesmerized a few people at a time throughout the party. The perfect way to add the element of mystery to ANY occasion! The laughs and gasps of your guests will be the proof to you that you booked the right entertainment!

Close-Up Show


This is a perfect way for all of your guests to have a shared experience together. With tons of audience interaction and mystery, your guests and most importantly, your guest of honor will be mesmerized and feel appreciated. 

Trade Shows


I will lure in, capture, and hold the attention of the crowd making your exhibit the fun place to be. Once your booth has a crowd I will work your company's message into my performance in fun and amusing ways to make the message stick like a post-it-note on their brains!

The photos shown above and to the right were taken at an annual company party at the owner's home. They wanted a magician who could appeal to all ages. I traveled to Salt Lake City and gave them a mesmerizing performance!
The house was spectacularly decorated with each room having a different theme. Winning the crowd appealing to any audience is part of my expertise and I will keep your guests laughing and enchanted! If you're looking for a sure fire way to entertain your guests, I'll deliver. 
To see the theater, watch my Periscope recording above...
(Left) Being introduced by Mirage Trailers CEO, Scott Metko. Scott saw my magic show at Woody's Wharf in Newport Beach a number of times, so he knew I would be perfect to entertain his VIPs at the end of the dealer conference, so he flew me to Boise. After the keynote speaker, I captivated the audience!
Throughout the show I'll involve your VIPs in a fun and playful manner. This is what binds them together. It is a shared experience of laughter and mystery that your people will be grateful for.  Some people call it team-building, some call it an escape from work, but one thing is certain: Your guests will appreciate you for treating them to an experience so captivating. 
(location: Grove Hotel)
I recently travelled to Chicago to perform for a small company holiday party. The party was held at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano in the party room. When everyone was done eating, I put on a highly interactive show with lots of laughs and mysteries of the highest order!
If you're thinking of having a party in a restaurant, contact me here. I respond to all inquiries personally.
In the photo above, I am doing my version of one of the classics of magic. A chosen card is signed by a few of your guests with a Sharpie. Before I put the card into the middle of the deck, I lightly lick the back of the card. Then I borrow a hair tie from a girl in the audience (someone usually has one on her wrist) and bundle the cards with it. When I toss the deck of cards up to the ceiling, the deck smacks the ceiling, and one card sticks, just long enough for your guests to identify it as... the card that was signed! The card falls to the floor and the crowd goes wild!! If it sounds amazing and mysterious, wait until you see your guests reaction to it!
An Alabama company was exhibiting at the 2018 Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique at the Grand Hyatt hotel. They hired me to lure in a crowd and keep attendees captivated. I'll attract people to your exhibit, hold their attention, and make sure they walk away knowing about your company. The audience, having been blown away, will tell their friends to come to your booth to see my magic! 
If your company is exhibiting at a trade show anywhere in the universe, contact me here.
When the trade show was over, the attendees went down a couple of floors to the International Business Gala. I went from table to table entertaining people from all over the globe, encouraging interactions among the attendees. In the photo to the right, I'm entertaining attendees from Milan, Barcelona, and Medellín... with onlookers from Mexico City. 
I have a show with universal appeal
that attracts people no matter 
where they are from. Contact me if
you would like see people laughing
and captivated at your next gala!
(left) See a glimpse of the magic I did for Lydia Ko on the golf course. She is the youngest professional golfer to ever be ranked number 1.
(right) With Christina Kim, who is full of good vibes!

The Angels Await - Performing for Mike Trout and the Angels at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast