strolling magic

Jack Velour will "work the room" entertaining small groups at a time throughout your party. This is "Magic that happens in YOUR hands!" His performance naturally creates interactions between your guests. Ideal for corporate events, private parties, weddings, and more! 

Contact Jack Velour directly by calling:

(949) 423-8571 or by clicking here 


free in-person audition

close-up show

A 30 minute show with all of your guests watching at once. This is an interactive show with tons of audience participation. Gasps and laughter will fill the room! 

Contact Jack Velour directly by calling:

(949) 423-8571 or by clicking here

If you have not seen Jack Velour perform live, contact him to set up a free, in-person audition. 

Contact Jack Velour to set up the audition by calling: (949) 423-8571 or by filling out the contact form



If you have any questions at all, feel free to call jack velour directly:   (949) 423-8571 or fill out the inquiry form here

Jack velour performing for rules of engagement star, patrick warburton

nba head coach, mike brown, endorses jack velour

Magic that happens in YOUR hands


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